After-sales service promise

After-sales service promise of FoShan BangShun Seating Co., Ltd

Dear customers:

Thank you for choosing BangShuns' products and services! In order to ensure that you get high

quality service from BangShun, prevent from your worries, BangShun Seating Co., Ltd

(hereinafter referred to as "BangShun") makes the following your service commitment to

BangShun series products (hereinafter referred to as "products"):

(a) Quality commitment of BangShun products

As you are a valued user, BangShun honours to the following scope and offer the following

services, as follows:
1, main components warranty for free for 5 years
  The scope: iron pieces/wood pieces / / chair feet/back/chassis/open welding disconnect.(Only

for parts)
2, main components of plastic/fabric warranty for free for 3 years
  Scope: plastic parts, panel, seat plate, back plate, sponges, Handrail, cloth etc with

broken ,open fractures, and lift. Collect (only for parts).
3, auxiliary (small volume, light weight) of components, warranty for free replacement for

half a year.

After purchasing, if any of the following reasons causes the quality problems, BangShun will

not provide above commitment, but you can paid the service.
1. Not the promised products by BangShun.
2. Abnormal conditions of use causes the quality problem.
3.the products overpass time limit of being promised.
4.the products without brand of factory,address, date of production and warranty card.
5.the quality problems are identified that doesn’t belong to the quality of the product

itself, or caused by accidents.

(2) Standards service commitment BangShun

As you are a valued user, BangShun will offer you standard service as follows:
1. response by call within 3 hours
During product warranty. if appearing with quality problems which belongs to the guarantee

scope of BangShun, you call BangShun service hotline, BangShun will confirm you the

maintenance and other matters within three hours.
2.handle with the quality problems within 72 hours. Rules are as follows:
Durin product warranty. if appearing with quality problems which belongs to the guarantee

scope of BangShun, after confirmation with our service department, BangShun promises solving

the quality problems within 72 hours for GuangDong customers. Domestic customers except

GuangDong,we promises 48 hours after removing the time of traffic. Foreign pending.
3.Not the commitment products or overpassing the commitment time limit,we would provide

services rendered (appropriate fee).
4.In order to ensure your satisfaction,after solving the quality problems, you can sign in

customer satisfaction investigation for maintaining, BangShun will seriously examine and

verify your satisfaction, the data will help to improve our service quality.